Only if you go by the bad luck, poor choices and questionable strategy then, YES. This year Team Sarah has a new recruit 'Sister Christian' and you won't believe how the season got started earlier today. Listen Here!


Team Hugh Picks - Baltimore

There were only two or three games that I felt confident about picking this week and as luck would have it, THIS was one of those games.

Hugh and I were very quick to agree that QB Lamar Jackson is about to unleash an offensive storm against the lowly and sad Browns. Cleveland QB Baker Mayfield may have won in the court of public opinion LAST August but since then, its been one disappointment after the other.

Keep in mind, whenever Team Hugh takes a 'sure thing' it usually results in a cold slap to the face after kick off.


Team Sarah Picks - New England

Don't let the soft voice and humble attitude fool you, Sarah's new teammate Sara, AKA 'Sister Christian,' is a football aficionado.

I think she has at least a dozen Fantasy leagues and on Monday mornings during the season, she'll gladly talk about which dropped pass or fumble or bad call resulted in failure for her team.

I pretend to understand what she is talking about, nod politely and then slowly walk away.

I was actually psyched that Sara endorsed New England so quickly as 'The Sara hs'  picked The Pats to win this Sunday.

If she hesitated and talked about Miami QB Ryan Fitzpatrick having our number, I'd start to feel the nauseous sensation of dread descend upon Foxborough once again.

LET'S GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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