Postseason picking perfection thus far as Team Sarah and Team Hugh both were victorious on Wild Card weekend. Two great games selected today and one of which is an UPSET SPECIAL.

Train Images
Train Images

Team Sarah Picks: Kansas City

The World Champs are all rested up and taking on the lowly seventh ranked Cleveland Browns.

Even though the Browns are coming off a incredible offensive explosion VS. their division rival Steelers, Susan and Sarah think that Patrick Mahomes and company will easily dispatch 'The Dog Pound' back to the shores of Lake Erie.

There is also some premium bonus audio in which 'The Two Sullys' discuss their possible future visit to Kansas City, based on the excellent quality barbecue that they are famous for.

Team Hugh Picks: Baltimore

I tried to channel my inner Hugh as 'The Chief Fiscal Agent For Eliot Small Engine' had a road trip of his own this week and I was left as the sole selector.

As you may recall, back during the final week of the regular season, I incorrectly picked The LA Rams and overruled Hugh just to do so. I WAS WRONG.

I'll be honest, last week,The Rams ran roughshod over Seattle and now, my confidence is completely and totally shook. It just seems like up is down, red is blue and nothing makes any sense!

I took a few deep breaths and went with my gut feeling that Buffalo's defense is just too weak to stop Baltimore's running attack and QB Josh Allen's incredible run for The Bills will end this Sunday.

Team Sarah and Team Hugh are tied with 10-8 records.

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