The worst fears of Team Hugh have been confirmed. Our lead has now evaporated and Team Sara(h)s is feeling the momentum going into Week 5, all tied at 3-1.

Shawn O Photo Credit
Shawn O Photo Credit

Team Hugh Picks: Indianapolis

How long can Indy QB Philip Rivers keep looking good? Hugh and I hope for at LEAST another week as The Colts travel to 'The Mistake On The Lake' to tangle with a suddenly resurgent Cleveland Browns team.

The very smartest gambling minds in the world see this game just like Team Hugh does. VERY CLOSE.

The point spread is just one and a half!

Indy is favored however and as Hugh cleverly mentions, Indy's defense is much tougher to score against than the weak and wobbly Dallas D that Baker Mayfield trounced upon last Sunday.

Hopefully that horseshoe brings us luck!

Team Sara(h)s Picks: New Orleans

Drew Brees and The Saints are facing off against The LA Chargers.

Sister Christian utilized the fact that The Saints play great at home as one of her reasons to pick them.

Little did she know that 2020 was going to rear it's ugly head and throw that theory into chaos. Hurricane Delta is bearing down on the Gulf Coast and the game might be scheduled in the neutral site of Indianapolis.

Since very few fans are allowed in each building anyway, it really shouldn't factor that much into the final score.

I have to brace myself for the inevitable.

The Cleveland Browns organization exists solely to defeat Team Hugh, until we can escape their curse, we shall remain at their mercy.


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