According to a report from WMUR, UNH is now making beer from left over bread from the dining hall.  The UNH brewing course is now in its third year and they brew about two 40 gallons each month.

From what I know from talking to many different craft brew masters, making beer starts with a blank canvas. Many ingredients that you wouldn't expect can be part of a tasty brew.

I am not a beer drinker.  I am a wine lover all the way, however, I have been known to try some tasty concoctions if the ingredients sound interesting to me.  Most of the time, I will admit, I don't like product, no matter how many hints of berries and chocolate the beer may have.  Bread beer does sound interesting though.  Especially if it uses bread that would normally just be thrown out.  I love the creativity of it all.

If you are interested in taking the brew course at UNH, click the link here.  


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