I was so excited about Moe's Italian Sandwiches new loyalty program that I forgot a CRUCIAL PART of their new point system. HOW do you get points?

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It's all about the visits! Every time you visit your Moe's, you enter your ID number (It's your 10 digit phone number) then you tap this screen, the more visits you have, the more points you get!

Train Images

This photo above is an action shot of Josh as he was preparing my half chicken salad AND filling me in on the advantages of the new point system.

He explained that one of their regular customers earned enough points for a free 20 oz drink after only TWO visits! (?)

According to my Unofficial Moe's Point Conversion Chart, that's 10 points for TWO VISITS. If you buy 100 sandwiches or a bag of chips, the visit is still worth the same for this new program.

Since I go to the Dover Moe's around 50 times a year, I wonder if they'll offer me preferred stock in the company? Perhaps my own yacht emblazoned with the Moe's logo?

I'm kidding of course, but I do think I have the potential to amass HUNDREDS of points this year and I'm excited.