Buzzfeed did a story of each state's most iconic sandwich and the Monte Cristo is named as New Hampshire's.


If I have to think about what exactly a monte cristo sandwich is, chances are, it's not from NH, or at least that's what I'd like to think.

I looked up the recipe for it, and it sounds delicious, of course, but not much DOESN'T sound delicious to me.

Basically, it's a grilled ham and swiss cheese and the bread is dipped in egg, like you would make french toast, grilled until the cheese is melty and VOILA!

Easy peasy and you can have it for lunch or dinner.

Sounds good to me, but it doesn't sound like anything specific to NH.

Now, Buzzfeed got it right when they named the FLUFFERNUTTER sandwich for Massachusetts.

You're not from around here if you've never had one.  They are soooo good.  Why couldn't NH get that one?

Maine, however, has me really confused.  It names the LOBSTER ROLL as the most iconic sandwich.  Now, wait a minute.... it says right in the name, it's a ROLL, not a sandwich.


Whatever the case may be, all three sound good to me.  Can you tell that I'm hungry?  I'm gonna go home and break out the Marshmallow fluff and the swiss cheese and make up my own creation!


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