Most of us that grill have one of those wire brushes handy to scrape the grate and get rid of all that caked on food. I mean, you don't want to taste last nights crusty sauce on today's freshly marinated steak, right? Did you know that the bristles on those brushes can be deadly?

Swallowing one of those tiny bristles can lead to emergency surgery. The bristle can damage the gastrointestinal tract, they can get stuck in your throat and cause severe pain when swallowing and if not treated in a timely matter can cause serious infection.

Point is, you need to be very careful when using a wire brush to clean your grill. You don't want those bristles getting stuck in your food.

After you're done scraping, and the grill is cool, wipe down the grates, I actually remove them completely from the grill to do this. It takes a bit longer, but I've never eaten a brush bristle and neither have my guests.

Worth the extra couple of minutes! It's not a good idea to fire up the grill, scrape the grates with the brush and then immediately throw food on there. That's how you get bristles in your meat.

There are some real horror stories regarding folks ingesting grill brush bristles, this no joke, check out this story: