Thanks to ESPN, we finally get to see the real Gronk. Just kidding, he's just as much of a goofball as we thought. 

The interview, conducted by Lindsay Czarniak who I'm sure was bummed about the assignment, was done by ESPN for a story in ESPN The Magazine's upcoming Dec. 22 Interview Issue.

Rob Gronkowski is quickly becoming a legend in this sports town. With a long history of sports legends, New England needs you to be not only the best at your position in the league you play in but have charisma to separate you from the rest.

This guy epitomizes charisma. Always smiling, always laughing. He has fans waiting to hear what he says next.

Here we have a perfect example of how much Gronk loves life and loves to play football. Nothing brings him down, not even his injuries.

Where would you rank Gronk in the list of Boston sports legends?

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