Here we go, golf lovers, sports lovers, and music lovers. We first heard about Topgolf coming to the Boston area about a year ago, and now (drum roll please), the wait is over. If you're not familiar with the concept, it's comprised of a high-tech golf range to electronically gauge each and every swing with microchipped balls. You have a variety of games to choose from, too.

According to, you can officially enter the doors of this three-floor venue in Canton, Massachusetts, on Friday, November 3, 2023. There, 90 hitting bays complete with furniture and high-top tables for your eating, drinking, and lounging pleasure are set and ready. With the best of the best technology, each bay also has heaters for colder weather and fans for warmer days, along with each bay being climate-controlled.


Golf games are obviously the main attraction, but it still gets better, because Topgolf is being touted as a premiere entertainment destination. According to, you can just stop by to eat in the restaurant if you don't feel like playing golf, or you can watch sports and other events on the 28-foot video wall with more than 200 HD televisions. There's also a rooftop terrace, family programs and fun, and even live music on deck for year-round activities.

All right, here's the lowdown on pricing for you. You can rent the bays hourly ranging from around $20 to $65. There are several options, so just click here to learn all you need to know. Oh, and they even offer golf lessons.

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