If you've ever wondered if people from your state dislike the same food or drink that you do, we've got the results of a survey.

Unlike other dating sites that match people by their common interests, this dating app called Hater makes matches for people who are looking for love (or lust) by the things they HATE. It's different, but I could see how this might work.

Anyway, Hater analyzed their data to figure out what food and beverages people in every U.S. state hate more than the rest of the country, according to BuzzFeed.

Maine -- Asian Fusion.

New Hampshire -- Expensive Cocktails.

Massachusetts -- Mayo on fries.

Vermont -- Spray cheese.

In my old stomping grounds, the common food that Floridians hate is licorice. I must be the exception, because I love Twizzlers... unless they're talking about black licorice. That, I can't stand.

What foods or drinks do you dislike? Let us know in the comment section below or on our Facebook page. Don't forget to tell us what state you're from.

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