Some people really love fireworks.  Me?  I could take 'em or leave 'em.  I always seem to get a bad seat, so I only catch a trail of smoke or, if I do get a good seat, the display is not great.

Also, my first and only son was brought home on July 4th, so I prayed with every BOOM that it wouldn't wake the baby!

Shark Nation weighed in and here are the results to the question:  "Am I the only person who thinks fireworks are ... meh?"

Helene I'm not impressed., We never go see them, I don't get excited at all.

Joanne: Yup do nothing for me hate the fact they affect my dog and also a lot of people don't remember but those with PTSD extremely effects them

Julie I feel the same way! I also have a husband who loves them and loved to purchase them. All I see are dollar bills burning up as each one is lit!

Justin I'm right there with you. I haven't gone to see a fireworks display in about 12 years, and this year is definitely going to make 13.

Edward:  I find increasing my alcohol intake an hour prior enhances the overall experience . That’s my helpful tip.  (haha!  Thanks, Ed!)  

Millie:   I could give or take them not my favorite thing to set out and watch
Gina: no don't care for them

Patricia:  I don’t care for them! It’s like throwing your money in the air, like you just don’t care! #boom

Erica Nope. I also couldn’t care less about them. And the crowds make me downright dislike them.

Karen: Nope waste of money

Dina:  I am not a fan of them . Once a year is ok

Marilyn:  I love fireworks.
Mike:  Yes. The thrill is using them illegally. Nothing better than buying fireworks from the back of the trunk in Boston.
Jimmy Birmingham when they are done right they are nice..most are just ok
Whatever your preference, have a great 4th of July!!

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