Why can't you wear white after Labor Day?

I have to say that I subscribe to the "wear whatever the heck you want at any time of year" fashion mantra, but apparently, there is an old rule that you don't wear white after Labor Day and here's why, according to WCVB.com:

Waaaay back in the 19th century, really rich women who had been rich forever had to hob-nob with the "new rich."  Think Rockefellers hanging out with Mark Zuckerburg's crew. In order to tell who was the "old rich" vs. the "new rich," there were fashion rules that only the "in" crowd would know about, one of them being only wear white during the Summertime.  When Labor Day became a holiday and the natural end to the Summer, that became the end of wearing white too. The Rockefellers could socialize with their kind all they want knowing this little fashion tip.

There are a couple of things that really get under my skin.  One being telling me what to say  (Obviously, I like to speak my mind) and secondly, telling me what to wear.  GAWD, I hate that.  I actually quit a job with really nice people because they made me wear black every day.  It was depressing the hell out of me, so I had to go.  On the other hand, I remember when I had to wear a uniform for Catholic School, I didn't mind that because I was a pudgy kid and we didn't have the fashionable clothes that all the rich kids had, so I was grateful for the uniforms back then.  Now that I'm all grown up, I rarely wear a black top.  Black bottoms all day long, but not the tops.  Heck, I am rockin' a white top today - after Labor Day.

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