When I came back to town from working in Detroit the last several years, we lived in a hotel for the first couple weeks we were in New Hampshire at the Holiday Inn Durham by UNH.

I have stayed in Holiday Inn's many times and chose it for a few reasons: great prices/clean/free hot breakfast included.

Fast forward to today where a story is trending about a 64-year-old man who posted on his social media that he is retiring next year and if/when he sells his home, rather than consider a move into a retirement center/nursing home he is going to live out his days much like Howard Hughes once did living... in a room at the Holiday Inn.

He notes the average cost (sans needing medical attention) for an elderly community home is $188/month while a Holiday Inn averages just $66 a night with all the amenities (pool/gym/coffee/maid service/cable tv included). He says that were he to in fact have special needs, an in-home nurse could come to the room at $50/day, which is still below the price of a dreaded nursing home stay. He also notes a Holiday Inn policy that automatically upgrades handicapped guests to suites.

I truly found this man's idea inspiring and making the thought of aging and illness in the twilight of life a little less scary and a little more fun if not glamorous. I also gotta agree with him on the free scrambled eggs! Cheers, sir!

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