I thought it'd be fun to look into the media image library and see what pops up when I searched 'Hilltop Fun Center' and look what I found!

A-Train and his tickets
A-Train and his tickets

February 27th, 2014 'A-Train and his Tickets'

Admittedly not much has changed INCLUDING the date, I mean, Shark Day was EXACTLY the same day FIVE years ago? That's pretty cool.

But if you look closer, you'll see some differences between then and now.

Aside from my prominent handle bar mustache, you'll notice a cup of tokens in my left hand. Tokens no longer exist at Hilltop Fun Center! They have been replaced by a very convenient and simple card system.

Also, when you see me or Sarah today (11am til 1pm) you will notice that we will be wearing a cool ID lanyard that was not yet in existence in 2014.

I will still have this same look on my face, however, completely hypnotized by all the cool state of the art games as I try to stockpile enough tickets to purchase my own personal batting cage.

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