For 2034.

I just got off the phone with a really helpful woman, Jordan, who works at the desk at the Holiday Inn at the Portsmouth Traffic Circle.  She was very pleasant when I asked her to make a reservation, but was just a little confused when I said I wanted to make a reservation for June 30...... 2034.  Jordan was super nice and treated me very well, as she does all her customers, I'm sure.  She explained that they can't take reservations for more than a year out.

Little background here; Yesterday, I came across a post from Terry Robison that's blowing up the internet.  Terry said he was going to move in to the Holiday Inn when he retires.  You can read all his reasons and his entire post here:

This hit a little bit of a nerve with me.

My Mother was in a nursing home in the last days of her life and it was AWFUL.  The staff was great, but they could only do so much as they were overworked, understaffed and underpaid.  The Management of this terrible place made all kinds of promises to us like;  my Mother would get her own room when she was "actively dying," which never happened.  They said they would send Hospice in to keep her company when we couldn't be there and play music for her; that never happened.  Most of all, they made us feel like we didn't have any other choices and we had to put our Mother in this nursing home in this bed because it was the only one available and we should be happy that they were able to accommodate. 

My Mother had nothing.  No insurance except Medicare, so she was put in the worst part of this facility.  Her door was open 24/7 with the lights on and buzzers buzzing all night long.  I can't go more in to detail because I can not put myself back in that place - even mentally, I'll lose it.

This time for our family as a collective, to date, the worst time in my whole life and if I can find a way to a) keep this from happening to others and b) find a place to live for me and my husband in the twilight years of our life, I'm going to do it.

Terry Robison, in my opinion, is a flippin' GENIUS.  HELLO HOLIDAY INN, 2034!!!  WOOT WOOT!!


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