This is a great idea for any workplace and one you should always say "yes" to.

According to a story from WMUR, 30 Jordan's Furniture employees in Nashua went in on a lottery ticket and it hit for a MILLION DOLLARS!  They got 5 out of the 6 numbers.  To get that close must have been a little frustrating, but still, over $33,000 isn't a bad investment for a buck.

The person I want to talk to is the one who DIDN'T participate in the pool.  Can you imagine being that guy?  (or girl....) OMG!  You'd have to quit!  Or avoid everyone who DID win the money for the rest of the time that you worked there!  I think I might have to quit, if it was me.  I wouldn't be able to take it.

I remember one office that I worked at where every time the lottery got up to a ridiculous amount like it is now, the same person would come around and collect money for a ticket.  It became annoying, but I did it... just. in. case.  I can see, however, someone getting fed up with it or not having the cash and saying the hell with it, ya know?

Anyway - Congratulations, Jordan's Furniture employees!  And... whenever someone says, "Hey, we're getting a lottery ticket from everyone here at work.  You want in?"  ALWAYS SAY YES!

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