One of the happiest places on Earth in my life is Canobie Lake Park in Salem.  I've talked about it before on the show about how my family used to take a trip to Canobie every Summer back in the days when you could bring your own lunch and picnic by the lake.  Now you can't do that because they have food inside the park for you to buy, but back in the day you bring in coolers and it was awesome.

Canobie is STILL awesome and I am really hoping that this proposal that the people at the Park have given to the state's reopening task force yesterday will allow them to open on July 1, 2020.

According to a report from WMUR, Chris Nicoli of Canobie Lake Park and other representatives of the park have put together a proposal to start operating by July 1, 2020.  The report cites the proposal as saying:

We don't believe that date is at odds with what your committee and the governor have been hoping for, but it is difficult for us to bring our employees back on-site without a timeline of what we're working toward....

You can see the entire re-open presentation here.

The WMUR report goes on to say that people would need to pre-buy tickets online and they would have to go through a temperature check before entering and everyone over 3 years old would have to wear a mask.  (Good luck with that 4 year old who doesn't want to wear one....)

If you're not familiar with the joy that is Canobie Lake Park, check out this video that shows you some of the rides at Canobie, My Happy Place!!

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