One can only hope!

According to a report from CBS, "Janie's House" opened just outside of Memphis, Tennesee.  The report states that Steven himself attended a "scarf-cutting" dedication for the house which he helped renovate.

Steven is really committed to this cause ever since he wrote, "Janie's Got a Gun," and heard the reaction from abuse victims. The song, if you are not aware, is about a girl who shoots her father who had been abusing her.

There is another Janie's House in Atlanta that Steven opened up about a year ago, so I'm thinking that it's part of is mission to open one up everywhere.  What I'd love for him to do is to open one up here in New Hampshire where, hellooooo.... this is where he's from.  Knowing Steven the way I think I know Steven, he's working on it as we speak.


According to Janie's Fund website, Steven is asking for your help:

“I need your help to take care of abused and neglected girls and spread the word about Janie’s Fund. In addition to donating, I’m asking you to become a fundraiser for these young people who need even more voices of support.”

When he's ready, I want to be part of the house opening here in New England.  I'll be ready when you are Steven.

Make a donation to Janie's Fund HERE.

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