Did you know that New Hampshire is the home to a very historic ski jump? The Nansen Ski Jump, just north of Berlin on Route 16 in Milan, NH was, at one time, the largest ski jump in the country! In fact, it's now a historic site and a state park. The jump is a doozy, with a 225-foot vertical drop. There's something about ski jumping that both thrills and scares the crap out of me. One minute I want to go. Then I watch one of the videos below and hide under my desk. I always wonder how you train to jump? I know you start with bumps, but at some point, you have to "jump into the deep end" as it were and just go for it.



Herb Ivy

Built in 1936, the Nansen Ski Jump was known as the best ski jump in the country. Major championships were held there, including the 1938 Winter Olympic Trials. Eventually, the jump was sort of forgotten and fell into disrepair. It closed in 1988 but reopened four years ago this month. And its first jumper when it reopened was Olympic and World Cup jumper Sarah Hendrickson. Here's a video of her historic jump, 32 years after the jump had closed. The "Sleeping Giant" is back!!



The ski jump is still used today, thanks to the fine people at the Nansen Ski Club, the oldest ski club in the US. COVD has curtailed many events this winter, but hopefully, they can open up before the snow goes away this winter. If you are interested in helping keep this historic ski spot of New England alive, you can donate and get more information HERE






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