I have to be honest.  Bernie Sanders was not someone I would vote for to be President of the United States, however, I love him as a human being.

You, no doubt, have seen all the memes that are completely taking over the internet of Bernie and his mittens at the Presidential Inauguration of President Biden.  They are everywhere and they are HILARIOUS.  You can see the one that I love the best (because it's Boston-themed) here. 

Bernie himself is now taking this meme takeover to another level.  He has merchandise that you buy with the now-famous picture on it of him sitting in his chair with his handmade mittens.  There is only one option, and even that one is SOLD OUT.  You can, however, order one of the sweatshirts, but you'll have to wait 4-6 weeks to get it.

All the proceeds of the $45 sweatshirt will go to Vermont's Meals on Wheels program.

How awesome of Bernie to take an idea that just melted down the internet and use it to help others.

As far as the mittens go, every woman I know who knits is getting in on this action and knitting "knock-off's" of these as fast as she can go!  I would do the same if I had that talent.  I used to, however, it was a loooong time ago in a land far, far away.  I also used to crochet and do needle-point.  My Aunt Aggie was a master at this stuff and she would teach me from time to time.  I miss her and her knitting needles.  She and I would have made a fortune if she were alive today.  She used to pump out those things like crazy!

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