Bernie's mittens are everywhere!  The very same ones he wore last year at an event here in New Hampshire, according to this YouTube/9News/CNN report:

You may have seen the article that we have here on that has a good collection of them, but this one, is by far, my favorite.


I saw this on Jimmy Dunn's Comedy Twitter account.  How funny!  If you drive through crowded Boston neighborhoods, or the surrounding cities/towns, you'll see lawn chairs all over the place saving the spaces for the residents who live there.

The mittens were handmade by a woman by the name of Jan Ellis,  according to this report, a teacher at Westford Elementary School which is not far from Burlington, Vermont.  Jan handmade them as a gift to Bernie.  She didn't have any expectations of him wearing them at all, never-mind at the inauguration.  Jan used to make them and sell them at craft fairs and was honored to see Bernie wearing them.

Of course, now that Bernie wore them on a National stage, other people want to buy a pair, but you can't buy them.  Americans don't like it when we can't get what we want, so I'm sure, at this very moment, there are people KNITTING THEMSELVES IN TO OBLIVION with knock offs.  (Can you actually make a "knock-off" of something hand made?)  Maybe I'll start to knit.  By the time I finish one pair, however, we will be obsessed with something else.  I think I'll just stick to things I know and love like radio, cooking, eating, painting and spending time with the fam.


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