John Henry, owner of the Red Sox, has put his palatial estate in Florida up for sale for a cool $25 million.  Guess how much he paid for it?   He bought the 6.3-acre plot in Boca Raton, Florida  in 1991 for $850,000 and finished building the mansion four years later, according to a story in the L.A. Times. 

Named “The House of Peace” for its Japanese influences, the custom mansion sits on the water—in Boca. The home has 7 bedrooms and 14.5 bathrooms and 27,832 square feet.  What?  14.5 bathrooms?  That’s about two bathrooms for every one bedroom?  What the?  I guess you’d need a bathroom in the Movie Theater, the Sports Bar, the Library, the Gym and of course, the underground Wine Cellar.  OH!  And what if you had to go pee in the recording studio with views of the water?  You DEF need a bathroom there too.  It all makes sense now.

Hold up, I’m not even in the GUEST WING yet.  There’s a full house for guests including a playroom and an Olympic-style ping pong table… with a bathroom nearby.

Outside, across from the ENORMO swimming pool, there’s an outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven, but you could literally cook ANYTHING you wanted in that kitchen.  Makes no difference that it’s outside.  Oh… and not far from the outside kitchen is … of course… another full bathroom because, when you go outside, you have to pee.

Truly, after you see this video, it's worth every dollar.

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