Lionsgate films are premiering a new movie about one of the biggest bank heists in U.S. history, and no, it’s not about the legendary Northampton National Bank Robbery.

How crazy do you have to be to steal from the mob?  Pretty dang crazy it seems.

According to the, the new film “Vault” tells the story about a group of blue-collar criminals pulling off their last big heist.

Their target? A fur storage shop used as a secret bank for the mafia in Providence, Rhode Island, which is known as the Bonded Vault.  It was where the mafia just happened to store all their secret stash.  It’s estimated that the criminals got away with about $32 million in cash, gold, and jewels in 1975, according to the article.

Boston Globe reported that not a sign of the loot has ever been found.

The filming for the movie was mostly in Rhode Island, so you will notice many local landmarks.

The cast is first rate, including Chazz Palminteri and Don Johnson.

The film is set to premiere in select theaters and on-demand June 14.  I will be seeing this one, I love mob stories.

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