Unfortunately, "if it's on Facebook, it must be true" doesn't carry any weight with an offer circulating online.

It's just before the holiday shopping rush, and you're piecing together a budget, when...wholla, out of the blue pops the golden ticket of a hundred dollars to Kohl's! Too good to be true? Absolutely. 

According to Snopes, the coupon was shared with false information that it was being offered as a promotion commemorating Kohl’s 57th anniversary and asked viewers to click on a survey question.

It's a scam, and it happens a lot. Yes, you're being into tricked. Many offers containing free goods or money are long-standing, and pop up this time of year. Kohl’s is targeted  fairly often. Also, Snopes was quick to point out this fraud can target any business. A good rule of thumb to follow: If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Say it with me now: "Sharing this post will not get me a case of Bud Light!"

(for the people in the back)

"Sharing this post will not get me a case of Bud Light!"





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