Lucas Drinkwater is a hero!  He saved a woman and her daughter who were stuck in the water on Gooch's Beach in Kennebunk, according to a story from WGME.

Lucas was surfing this past weekend and heard screams and knew that he had to investigate and act fast, the news station reported, and he found a Mother and her daughter who were in a precarious situation in the water.

Lucas told WGME that they were struggling to stay up to breathe because they were so tired.

The Kennebunk Fire Rescue Division Chief John Brady said the two women were experienced, the just went out a little too far and couldn't get themselves back in.

They swim there every day, they got beyond their feet and got into some fairly choppy surf, and weren’t able to get themselves back in.

According to the WGME report, Lucas said that one of the women doubted that they would reach the shore, but he reassured her.  THEN he saw how far they were from the shore and he was like... 'OMG, we're so far away!'

Still, he kept his composure and was able to help rescue them.

I'm tellin' ya, you gotta be careful when you swim in the ocean.  The current can kick up at any moment despite the forecast.  You are dealing with Mother Nature and she does what she wants.  I'm assuming that the women will continue to swim, however, because once you experience swimming in the vast waters of the Atlantic, you will forever be hooked on that feeling.  They'll probably just be more careful.

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