If you love mullets, bad Boston accents and wrestling that is surprisingly worse? Then 'Universal Championship Wrestling' will be your ultimate 'Way Back Wednesday' guilty pleasure.

Filmed entirely in a nearly empty gymnasium, the only thing that looks 'Professional' is the wrestling ring.

I'm also astonished that it does seem to be directed rather well as the two camera set-up is edited perfectly with the many imperfect acrobatics.

I'm assuming that this is the raw feed that was used on the local channel at the time and the long stretches of 'Insert Here' graphics that are present throughout, are where the local commercials were supposed to be.

Unfortunately for us, they are empty. We are only left with belly flops, fake punches and entire interviews where the letter 'R' is never pronounced for what seems like hours.

I will say that I was thoroughly entertained by the antics at 1 Hour 53 minutes (I skipped ahead) in which the most severe case of lactose intolerance is captured on film.


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