In the “I can’t believe it” files, WMUR9 has video of an adorable black bear just strolling across a Merrimack, New Hampshire, lawn in front of a lovely front porch replete with pumpkins all dolled up for Halloween.

Well, I guess I can believe because this IS New Hampshire, and we DO have a lot of black bears.

WMUR9 reports they are getting the last of their winter fat stores built up before they head into hibernation.

I suppose there is not enough fat in a pumpkin to tempt a black bear.

This video does serve as a warning for residents to be on guard and be aware of their surroundings.  If you spot a bear, do not get close to it.  Do not approach it and under no circumstances should you attempt to feed them.

It would be a good idea to invest in a bear proof trash can.  Trash can be an attractive nuisance and bring black bears to your home for scraps so keep your trash locked up.

I guess your porch pumpkins are safe from bears.

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