Summer is right around the corner, and so is concert season.

Gillette Stadium is PACKED this summer, with huge names like Luke Combs, Taylor Swift, and Beyonce (see more below).

Now, many memories are made during the concerts because Gillette is such an iconic place to see a show. BUT everyone knows where the fun starts...

The tailgate...the pre-party drinks...the PREGAME!

Whatever you call the first few drinks before a fun event or day, it doesn't matter. Having a few pops before a concert is sometimes a necessity while going to Gillette Stadium. It's like a tradition.

Seeing a concert at Gillette Stadium is like a marathon. The entire week (maybe month) revolves around that one show. It's like a holiday. With a crowd of over 65,000 people, the energy at any event at Gillette is out of this world.

And you know what's even crazier than Gillette Stadium? The parking lot. Tailgates at Gillette are something else.

Okay, I won’t sugarcoat it…the tailgate scene at Gillette is a zoo.

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I, for one, LOVE IT.

If you like cornhole, slugging and slamming beers with strangers, grilling burgers and dogs, and the inevitable parking lot party dance-off, the concert tailgates at Gillette are perfect for you.

That said, sometimes you're not in the mood for that scene. Sometimes it's too hot to be on cement all day dehydrating yourself in the afternoon sun, especially in mid-summer before a sold-out country concert.

Other times it's rainy, or you don't feel like seeing drunk people stumble to find porta potties all afternoon.

Also, sometimes you don’t want a burger and a dog. Just because you're going to a concert at Gillette doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice steak or Italian dish for lunch.

All that said, you're about to go to an event with 65,000+ other people that will be loud and rowdy. SO, chances are you still want to get that pregame drink, or six, in your system.

Below are the best places to have some drinks and a bite to eat before a concert this summer at Gillette Stadium.

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