If you were like many New Hampshire residents and you thought to yourself that 2018 was one rain-soaked year, you'd be correct! Last year is one for the record books, due to all the rain that fell on our beautiful state.

(The above photo was rain drops that had fallen on my sunroof. That's about as 'artsy' as I get)!

Our friend Jason Schreiber from the the Union Leader did some research and found that 2018 will break into the Top 10 for the wettest years on record for New Hampshire.

The 53.3 inches of rain and snow melt recorded in Concord last year wasn’t enough to beat the wettest year on record — 57.99 inches in 2008 — but it’ll be enough for 2018 to make the top 10, according to records from the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine.

I'm glad it wasn't just my imagination playing tricks on me. I thought last year was just a miserably wet and rainy year (especially the fall months). Autumn is my favorite time of year to get outside and take long walks, but I wasn't able to do that this past fall because of all the rain. Plus, I know several people who had many outdoor activities planned during August that were basically rained out.

So yes, 2018 was definitely a record year, weather wise here in the Granite State. Let's hope the winter months of 2019 stay fairly calm!

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