“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”
― Rumi

Sometimes, you just need a change and that's what happened to me yesterday.  I had been thinking about getting a perm for a while, but then I thought, "Do people even GET perms anymore?  Am I showing my age?  Would I look like I am living in 1988 again?" All these questions entered my mind, but then I remembered that what I do with my hair is my business.  And, it's JUST HAIR.

You might be feeling like you need a change and so, I give you, three good reasons why you should radically change your look

  • Change is Good.  Change is also scary, but again, it's ONLY HAIR.  If you're thinking of changing it, I say go for it.  You'll make more.
  • Transform Your Image:  Maybe you don't want to look so demure or wild or whatever adjective you are assigning to yourself at this moment.  Transform yourself!
  • Boost Your Confidence:  I could not stop laughing when I got my perm done yesterday.  I didn't know why I was cracking up at first, but then I realized, because it is BIG and FUN and CURLY and I love it.  It might look ridiculous to you, but I'm okay with that.  I really love it.

Where the hell is that pick from 1987??  I'm gonna need it!  Perms aren't what they used to be.  Here are the results.  (ed note:  You have no idea how many silly selfies I had to take before I just randomly picked THIS one.... UG!)  I have no idea why my mouth is doing what it's doing.....  Anyway, here it is and I love it!!  Thanks, Heather at Salon 27!



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