The 4th Annual World's Largest Yard Sale is tomorrow at the Rochester Fairgrounds.  You could get some unbelievable deals there!  You might also get very, very lucky.

Here are some items that were found at Yard Sales that turned out to be an incredible paycheck for the new owners, according to and

1.  Tiffany Mirror Purchased for $2, Valued at $25,000

2.  Velvet Underground Record Purchased for $0.75, Sold for $25,000

3.  1931 Frankenstein Movie Poster Sold for $358,500

4.  $2.48 Declaration of Independence Copy, Sold at Auction for $477,650

AND, 5. An original Jackson Pollack painting.  By far, my favorite story of all "surprise finds." is the story of Teri Horton of Costa Mesa, California.  She bought an original Jackson Pollack painting at a yard sale for $5.00 to cheer up a friend who was feeling down, but it couldn't fit through the front door, so she put it out in a yard sale, according to

The article states that a passing art teacher recognized the painting as a possible Pollack painting, to which Teri's reply was, "Who the ^^%$ is Jackson Pollack?"  She's been offered 9 million for the painting, but she is holding out for 50 mil.  She might be softening, however, accoridng to an article in the LA Times. 

She's in her 80s and admits, according to the article, she's not going to live forever.

I LOVE Yard Sales and cannot WAIT to go.  See you tomorrow morning at the Rochester Fairgrounds!

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