I've highlighted 5 of the most difficult golf holes on the NH Seacoast in honor of the 5 months I've been waiting to get back out there and be frustrated by them all over again!

5 Of The Most Difficult Golf Holes In The NH Seacoast Area

5 Of The Most Difficult Golf Holes In The NH Seacoast Area

I think I was 14 years old the first time I played the 7th Hole at Nippo Lake Golf Course in Barrington, commonly referred to by the locals as 'Woodpecker Alley'.

Looking out as it twists ever so slightly to the right I thought, 'This is perfect for me! A nice drive with a little slicing action and I'll make an easy par.'

This thought occurred to me in 1988 and over thirty years later, that shot hasn't happened yet.

For what it's worth, the woods to the right can be very forgiving. This is no doubt due to all the chopping and hacking I've done in there over the past three decades.

My brother just informed me of a nightmare scenario involving the 10th hole at The Oaks In Somersworth.

Apparently, his annual company scramble ends with the two finalist teams teeing up at the 10th for a 'Closest To The Pin' contest that determines the winner.


I'd suggest that they should also add in being chased by an axe-wielding clown after you make contact, but I'm afraid they'd add it to the itinerary.

Speaking of Stephen King inspired scenarios, check out this official video of Cocheco Country Club's 16th Hole and tell me it doesn't remind you of Stanley Kubrick's opening scene in his adaptation of 'The Shining'.

Very appropriate.

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Stephen King Over the Years

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