For many, February is considered the most brutal month of winter. Well, no one told 2018, because New Hampshire is headed for the 50's this week! Do these five things to break up your winter!


5. 'Tude Up,  Windows Down - You've had 2 straight months of driving with your car sealed tight. Heck, you've even warmed it up 5-10 minutes in advance some mornings. The fresh air will do you, and your car wonders. Oh, fully crank the heat if needed. No one's judging, we're all doing it too.

4. Live in a Barn! - When "thermostat dad" isn't watching, knock that puppy off for a half hour. Crack a few windows, and let the air flow! Even if you ARE "thermostat dad," you know it's time to get the Christmas Tree (and other) smells that faintly hit your nose the second you walk in the house, out. Do it for the greater good.

3. Slush Angels -  Going out on the lake last weekend, you'd instantly step in 3-4 inches of slush. Now, snow is going missing faster than Malcolm Butler at Logan. I'm not saying it's a good way to kill off a cold. However, it's a great way to kill Instagram. Sometimes, that's all the excuse you need!

2. Show Some Skin - When I lived in Portland, there was a thing where the day temps hit 45 degrees, the first shirtless man would appear downtown. Four years straight, never failed. Thank you, people of the always entertaining Monument Square. It was never pretty, and I'm not suggesting anyone go that far. However, I plan on breaking out a few concert tees I haven't worn in non layer form since October.

1. Treat 'ya Whip - "A clean car is a happy car," right? The winter grind of keeping your vehicle relatively salt free has been a challenge this year. When the temp hits the upper 20's, time to clean it off. Yet, when is the last time you scoured the inside? Like, the inside of the windshield? Ooooh, that's always an interesting color after you clean it up for the first time since the Red Sox were still playing. Take the extra 5-10 minutes, and you'll both be happy in the end.

Speaking of the Sox, Spring Training games are only a few weeks away!




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