The footage of people needlessly hoarding gasoline in thin plastic grocery bags and unsafe laundry hampers is more sad than it is funny. We're you guilty of hoarding any of these items last year?

6 Everyday Items That Greedy Granite Staters Hoarded In 2020

We can laugh about the absurdity of hoarding all day long, but it is a desperate feeling when you're in need of a crucial item such as toilet paper and there isn't a sheet to be found within the entire Tri-State area.

I was very fortunate to have friends in the grocery business that would set aside a 4 pack of rolls, and deliver it to me personally. Then I'd go ahead and distribute them to my parents and Nana.

The grocery stores tried in vain to give consumers a better chance of access to TP with maximum limits of 2, and then 1 roll per customer. But eventually, the shortage got so bad that the entire paper aisle was a ghost town for seemingly weeks on end.

Thankfully, the pasta shortage bounced back very quickly, in fact, it probably only lasted a little over a week.

And as sad as it was to see the entire meat section empty at the grocery store last May, it didn't last very long either.

I was unaware that aluminum cans were tough to find, until I tried to order a few cases last October. In my role as beverage distributor here at The Bob Fuller Media Center, I was shocked to learn that my order including many brands of popular soda were out of stock.

However my last order this April was completely filled as the supply seems to have caught up with the demand.

The worst thing you can do is take more than you need! Virtually all of these shortages are due to people being way too greedy.

Even though our gasoline situation in NH is 100% fully stocked, greedy fools could cause almost any shortage of any commodity at any given time.

Hopefully, we've learned our lesson from 2020, but, I doubt it!

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