A Massachusetts man named Brad Hathaway was dealing with diabetes and heart problems in his mid 50's.

His doctor encouraged him to be more active and get moving and grooving as my grandma likes to say.

That was 32 years ago. Brad is now 88-years-old and he just recently logged 24-thousand, 901 miles - which is equivalent to circling the globe at the equator.

His friends and family joined him in that final mile to cheer him on. And now that he’s basically walked around the planet it's probably time to slow down, right?

Nope! Not a chance!

Brad says:

“I hear a lot of people now, when they get to this stage in life, they kind of give up. But I’m not going to give up,  I’m going to keep walking as long as I can. When my time comes, that’s when I’ll stop.”

It is clear that nothing is getting in the way of Brad getting his steps in, not even a global pandemic. I hope to have as much gumption and determination when I reach my golden years.

Brad, you are an inspiration to many.

Want to donate to Brad's cause? Here's the Go Fund Me page.

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