How Many Are There?


It seems like I am seeing reports of people spotting gigantic sharks in shallow water every week.  Is it because there are more sharks or more people recording it?  This time, it turns out it was a basking shark according to  I recently wrote about sightings of basking sharks near Nubble Lighthouse and other spots in our area.  These pictures all seem to have these monolithic sharks in pretty shallow water close to shore.


I am Never Going in the Water Again


Al Lane, who caught the shark on video at Marblehead Harbor in Mass on Monday tells that he often goes swimming in that harbor with his children and plans to go swimming in the harbor again.  Not me.  No way.  If I see something bigger than a foot long, I am OUT OF the water.  My wife and I once saw a manta ray in the water as we were strolling on the beach on vacation and she can confirm, I CAN WALK ON WATER.  I was terrified.  I was only up to my ankles, but I flew out of there.


Maybe it’s time to Get a Sharkbanz Bracelet


I wrote last week about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wearing a Sharkbanz while surfing.  The thought of a basking shark makes me want to buy one of these Sharkbanz for my walks on the beach.  JUST ON LAND, I WANT ONE.  That is how scared I am of things in the water.  Not just sharks, I have been known to jump out of my skin if seaweed touches my legs.  My wife grew up in the country and she is cool with possums, snakes, bugs, spiders, and bats.  Nothing really freaks her out, but I was raised in a city, and critters and stuff I can’t see in the water seriously petrifies me.  Thank God she is around to catch all the bugs and I can always push her towards a shark if I were in the water, I guess.  If you are swimming, keep your eyes peeled for these big basking sharks.  We seem to have a ton of sightings this year.


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