The late Albert Finney was THE BEST Ebenezer Scrooge, end of story. And lucky me! I just found a crystal clear almost HD version that was newly uploaded on YouTube.

This used to play a few times every December on Channel 38 (WSBK) and whenever it was on, everything would stop and I had to watch it until the end.

I think I like it more than the other umpteen versions is because it checks all the right boxes.

It's geographically accurate, it was filmed in London and all the actors are British.

It's in color, I'm old enough to remember black and white TV's and any Christmas Carol filmed in black and white still feels like I've been punished and I'm watching it at my Nana's in the den.

Believe it or not, I can't stand musicals. But this movie, and its songs, "Thank You Very Much", "I Hate People" and "I Like Life" always make me smile.

If you all will excuse me for the next Hour and Fifty Four minutes, I think I'll click play and watch it for the millionth time!

Christmas Tree

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