Revisiting another achieved vacation goal, I visited Oxford Casino for the the first time in MONTHS and managed to string together a few Egyptian Kings on this fun game.

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This is called Hexogems: Jewels Of The Pharaoh

Wouldn't you know it? That pesky scarab beetle on the right side prevented me from pulling down a HUGE stack of cash.

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As you can see from the vertical view, there are NINE of these hexagons that flip over in dramatic fashion from top to bottom with every play. If your last hexagon has the potential of paying a decent fortune? Suspense builds as your chair begins to shake, then all is revealed.

It's kind of an IMAX theater within a game and I love that when these slot developers go the extra mile in providing you entertainment.

How do you pull down some real money? Well, you need 5 consecutive blue hexagons. If the 'MEGA' Hexagon is one of them? That equals TWELVE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED AND NINETY DOLLARS.

Progressive machines (in which the grand prizes progressively get larger until they're won) are so much fun to play. Small money and you can still conceivably pull down a fortune.

It was so much fun to make the drive up Route 26 to Oxford again. It was split into 4 sections of all slot machines and each section was allowed no more than 50 people for the safety of the players.

Since I went early in the morning on Wednesday, it was easy, I walked right up, registered my ID and after a quick temp check, I had the run of the place!

The ceilings are so high there and the staff was very attentive to disinfecting every square inch of the place that I really felt secure and was able to fully focus on trying to bankrupt King Tutankhamun!

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