I thought for sure that a 12-4 record last week would be enough to beat Bob from Honda Barn. WRONG AGAIN!

As you can hear in the audio above, Bob STILL remains humble despite his near supernatural ability to pick winning football games. The both of us have quite a nice 'Big Pick' streak that will hopefully continue below!

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Bob from Honda Barn Picks: The New England Patriots

Much like myself, Bob feels a little apprehensive about jinxing The Pats. But with the match up being against The lowly LA Rams at Gillette Stadium with Tom Brady's historic 201st victory on the line, it was way too tempting.

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A-Train Picks: The Denver Broncos

Denver's defense is unrelenting when they're NOT angry about a heartbreaking loss. After they lost a shocking home game vs. division rivals The Chiefs last Sunday night, I envision Von Miller (above) and the rest of the Broncos to stomp all over the hapless Jaguars in Jacksonville.

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