Since cashing out a stack of chips at a Vegas casino window is such a rare and wonderful occurrence for me, I like to snap a pic right before I exchange them.

Train Images
Train Images

You are looking at $99 dollars worth of 'cheques' that survived about a half hour roulette session at the beautiful Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa.

I bought in with $100 and got singles. The $1 chips were dark blue and I played entirely 'Inside'.  This means that I only bet directly on numbers, betting on things like 'Red' or 'Odd' would be 'Outside' bets.

The lion's share of my hits came from the jackpot number '30' (from my birthday Sept. 30), which pays me $35 and the marble landed on it twice during the session.

I also remember hitting '00' for a $17 split and the same $17 payout for a hunch split bet on the Number '10'.

I would have had a $3 profit if I didn't play "Basket" bets for the dealer after every hit, but that's always a lot of fun and I think it induces good karma.

It's funny, I don't remember much about the day that this session happened but I still can remember every number that hit during it. I think I have 'issues'.

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