Since people were raving about 'Jodi From Accounting's Unstuffed Pepper Soup Recipe', perhaps you'll like to hear me rave about her Veggie Orzo Soup.

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I just learned that the big grains of rice that I always called 'pilaf' aren't rice at all, but actually Orzo, which is a pasta that's shaped to look like rice. No wonder I always liked it!

Well, this soup is loaded with it, so much so, that I borrowed a strategy from an old Cambell's ad that said 'You'll be tempted to eat it with a fork'.

I was, so I did.

Here's the complete list of ingredients from the pen of Jodi

(In no particular order)


Carrots, orzo, diced tomatoes, chopped onion, spinach, cannellini beans.


Oregano, basil, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper.


Use basic chicken stock for the stock. - Jodi from Accounting

Ready for the secret ingredient that really kicked this recipe into 5th gear? You won't find it in the original recipe either.


Chef and cooks who aren't afraid of making things 'too spicy', almost always make dishes that result in my rave reviews.

In my family, my Dad and I both enjoy spicier foods and my Ma, sister and brother all run outside and jump in a snowbank if a dish is anything hotter than the capsaicin level of Big Red chewing gum.

To have a veggie soup with this amount of zip to it?


Jodi has promised to comment on Facebook if she recalls anything that she may have missed in the recipe.

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