Ya know, not much scares me.  Honestly, I consider myself to be pretty darn courageous and I recognize when things are fake, so I don't worry about them.  It stems from when I was a little kid, I used to lay in the grass at my house in Hollis and when the world was spinning (a.k.a., my childhood) I would lay in the field, look at the shapes of the clouds and feel the ground on my back and know that I was safe.

ALL THAT IS BEING THREATENED!!  I wish this was a Hollywood movie, but sinkholes are real and there was another one discovered in Nashua.  According to a story in the Union Leader, someone DROVE IN TO IT, between Lake and Belmont Streets.  I know exactly where that is because my family moved from Hollis to Nashua, so I consider that my home town.  Imagine if the timing was different and there I was making animal clouds in my imagination and I fell through the earth!

To try and make myself feel better, I consulted the internet, of course.  Although this article from Northern Woodlands didn't make me feel any better, it did have a quote in it from NH State Geologist, Rich Chormann.  He says,

There’s a conspicuous absence of carbonate rocks in New Hampshire,  our limestone has all been cooked and compressed over millions of years......We’re not going to get swallowed up anytime soon.

Okay Rich, fine.  But if I get swallowed up, I'm coming to see you after I claw my way out of the hole!

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