I am a big enough person to say when I've been bested by someone, but I don't think I was prepared to be one-upped by a woman who had never seen snow before in the snowman-making skill department, but it happened this past weekend.

Our News Editor of Seacoast Current, Richard Morin, has an adorable fiancee and an equally cute four-legged, furry child.  The snow that we got over the weekend inspired them to go outside and build a snowman.  Here's part of the conversation that Richard and I had in the studio:

Richard:  "Yeah, it was my girlfriend's first time ever seeing snow.  We built a snowman."

Me:  "Oh really, that's nice.  We really didn't get enough snow to make a good snowman."

Richard:  "Oh yeah?"

Then he shows me this picture:


WHAT!!!  That's a scene straight out of Currier and Ives!  What the... I have to say, my New England pride was a bit hurt.  Who is this magical person from Arizona that is able to build a snowman like an Elf?  Who is she?

I'll tell you who.  Her name is Louisa-Marie Blevins, a/k/a Lulu.  She even has an adorable name.  Richard and Lulu got engaged in October and this was her first snowstorm ever after they moved to New Hampshire.  Lulu grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and she kicks butt at building snowmen.  I hang my Native New Englander head in shame and disbelief.



Of course, Richard and Lulu have an adorable dog, Emmett.  He's a 6-year-old mini-Schnauzer and he too, was hypnotized by the snow.
Ya learn something new every day.  I've learned not to judge someone who has never seen snow to make a snowman that I want to steal from their yard to mine.

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