Just looking at this beautiful bouquet of 'Baby' Kale, you'd never guess it was the same plant if you saw it growing naturally in a local garden. Take a look!

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The stuff that is in a row? That's the Kale!

The other weeds that are growing around the stuff in a row? They're just weeds.

I've never really been able to distinguish one from the other. The only tried and true method I use for identifying Kale is that it usually is surrounding more delicious items that I select from the buffet tables in Las Vegas.

Kale aficionados will often declare that 'Baby Kale' is the best tasting variety, but this is a common misconception.

It's not a special miniature variety at all, it's just regular Kale that is in it's infancy.

It'll continue to grow for the next few weeks and the flavor of mature Kale (IMHO) is exactly the same as the 'Baby Kale'.

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