We had an incredible night last night at the Hilltop Fun Center's Shark in the Park!

The band, Joppa Flatts, did a great job and even brought bubbles and other toys for the kids.  People were dancing in front of the stage the entire night!


The weather was darn near perfect.  Bright sunshine, but enough shade for everyone and temps in the high 70's!!


We had a lot of families with their two legged children and some with their four legged family.


We even got a visit from Michelle and Joe from the Dover Mounted Police on their beautiful horses, protecting the City of Dover at every moment.  The Shark LOVES YOU GUYS!!


(You know that I must be enthralled with the horses when I don't even look at the camera!!  AND, I don't even mind that I look like I weigh 350 or so.....)

Another addition to the Hilltop Fun Center's Shark in the Park - Lone Star BBQ out of Tilton, NH.  Nick and his crew were awesome, but his BBQ WAS BETTER!!  omg.... Don't worry, they'll be at the next one, July 18 with The Groovecats starting at 6pm.

Can't wait to see you there!!


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