For those who see bacon as more than just a topping.

Bacon has always been the star of a meal. Don't think so? Remind me why you think lettuce takes top billing on a BLT. Regular egg sandwiches are fine, but you know the crunch of bacon makes it even better. Now, bacon's getting it's own prime time special, thanks to Dunkin.

According to 7 News Boston, Dunkin’ announced an array of new menu items on Wednesday, including sleeves of bacon. Titled 'Snackin’ Bacon,' the item will feature a whopping 8 slices of black peppered bacon, and will be served in a sleeve. Dunkin wrote on the sleeve “For anyone who’s seeking a satisfying snack but is stuck with a sad selection at their desk, office kitchen or vending machine, Dunkin’ is adding some extra sizzle to its menu.”

If you do breakfast for dinner, this is completely in your lane. Snackin' Bacon will be served during all times of the day, according to 7 News Boston.


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