I am not a beer drinker, but this might make me one.

Harpoon Brewery and the World Famous Mike's Pastry have teamed up to create a cannoli tasting stout, according to a story from WHDH Boston, Harpoon Brewery is getting together with Mike's Pastry to create a new, delicious, sweet beer called Cannoli Stout.  The beer is 7.3% alcohol and is brewed with cocoa nibs and cannoli shells.

When you talk to a beer master, they are usually all about mixing flavors and creating a new beer.  They look in to that huge vat and their mind races like a painter in front of a blank canvas.  What could they create for the masses?  What would be the tastiest taste ever for those who love our beer?  These are just a couple of the questions that I am sure went through their minds when they decided on this delicious concoction.

If you would like to try the beer first, they are having a release party at Harpoon Brewery on Northern Avenue, Boston from 7:30 - 9:30pm.  For a mere $25, you'll receive a draft pour, one cannoli and a take home 16 oz beer of the new product.


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