Since there are no sports currently except maybe golf this weekend, but does golf really count as a sport?  I mean, I saw Caddyshack and from what I gather, it's a lot of drinking and debauchery, but hey... what do I know.  That movie was waaaay too inappropriate for me at the young age that I was when it came out.  There were parts I had no business watching.  Anyway, I digress.....

Nice to know that the Celtics have come up with a program called, "Food For Heroes," and last night, the recipient was Portsmouth Regional Hospital.  How it works is that the Celtics Foundation, Food for Heroes, partners up with an area restaurant and last night, it was Libby's Bar & Grille in Durham.  They provided the food to be delivered by the Celtics organization to feed the medical staff at Portsmouth Regional Hospital.  How wonderful!

I'm assuming from the website, that Jay Mayuski is the owner of Libby's.  He was quoted on their website as saying:

When I was asked by the Celtics if I was able to participate in this program, I was honored and excited to be able to help. Being able to provide meals for the hardworking front-line workers at Portsmouth Regional Hospital is something we can do to show how much we appreciate the local people who put their lives on the line every day. In these tough times, we must realize we are all in this together and everyone needs to give something back when they can, even if it is something as small as providing a meal for someone who is doing such essential work.

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