A zombie apocalypse was never a danger on my radar until the Walking Dead Series.  Lately, however, with all the other dangers in the world, why not dead humans running around wanting to eat my face?

CareerBuilder did a survey back in 2016 asking the question, if there WAS said Zombie Apocalypse due to a virus, what city would be the best place to survive and I am happy to say that BEANTOWN!  BOSTON!  tops the list! AND, New York City has the WORST chance of survival!  Take that, Yankee Fans!

Anyhoo…. CareerBuilder based their findings on four categories:

  • Ability to defend against the totally made up virus that is making everyone a zombie
  • Ability to contain the virus
  • Ability to find a cure  (Hellooo???  Boston is IT, medically speaking….)
  • Ability to outlast the epidemic with an ample food supply.  (Hello again?  The Ocean!  Full of tasty non-zombie like food, a/k/a FISH!)

Boston is the greatest city in the world and this is just another reason why.

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