Still trying to absorb the shock that our beloved New England Patriots now have a Heisman Trophy winning, former NFL MVP at the helm?

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My friends and relatives are mostly worked up about how Cam Newton dresses. This doesn't concern me in the least. Tom Brady would go to the Met Gala every year and look equally as flamboyant. This is a non-issue.

What I'm concerned about is the DELUGE of negativity that will pour down upon Mr. Newton for how ever long he will be here and how he handles it. The professional sports writers in North Carolina are nowhere near as brutal as the miserable muckrakers that the Boston press corps is mostly comprised of, both in print and in talk radio.

I hope he has braced himself for what's coming and won't let it ruin the experience and ultimately, the season. In this region, your opponents aren't just on the field of play.

Also, knee, shoulder and foot injuries have nagged him these last few seasons. Even though he is still relatively young (31) and very tough, these issues tend to get worse for mobile QBs before they get better.


It still feels wrong to 'slight' Tom Brady for lack of mobility but, I can't wait to see what a Newton Red Zone offense will look like with advisement from Josh McDaniels!

The fact that there WILL BE AN OPTION on a Run Pass Option? It gives me the chills thinking about how they can attack the end zone.

Also, ummm have you seen his work out videos?

Cam Newton won The National Championship, The Heisman Trophy and The NFL MVP. He just signed a league minimum contract. He is focused and determined to show the football world how foolish they were to overlook him.


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